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Fashion with purpose


Benedetti Life was founded with a distinct vision: to transform fashion into a voice for animals. Our unwavering commitment is reflected in our sustainable, animal-free, and biodegradable clothing. Join us in embracing a conscious style for a healthier planet.



At Benedetti Life, we craft fashion with heart. Each collection is a tribute to the world's endangered species. Inspired by the majesty of nature, all our pattern designs are unique, reflecting the beauty and resilience of animals facing extinction due to human activity or global warming.

But our mission doesn't stop there. We're proudly leading the charge in the fashion industry, proving that luxury and ethical practices can not only coexist but thrive together. From our meticulous sourcing of materials to our transparent production methods, every aspect of Benedetti Life embodies our vision for a better, brighter future.

Join us in our quest to inspire a global shift towards conscious consumerism. 



At Benedetti Life, we're not just changing the game; we're rewriting the rules. Our mission is clear: to revolutionize the fashion industry by seamlessly blending innovation, ethics, and sustainability into every stitch.

Say goodbye to fleeting trends and hello to timeless investments. Each garment we create is a testament to our commitment to style and sustainability, proudly Made in Italy. By eschewing fur, leather, and feathers, we're not only reducing our environmental impact but also paving the way for a more conscious approach to fashion.

But we're not stopping there. Through cutting-edge materials and production methods, we're forging a path toward a greener future without compromising on quality or craftsmanship. And we're not keeping our methods under wraps—we believe in transparency, education, and advocacy, empowering individuals to join us in our fashion revolution.


Every garment we create is a testament to our dedication: designed in our studio and crafted in Italy. Our commitment to quality and tradition ensures that each piece embodies timeless elegance and superior craftsmanship. At Benedetti Life, we honor our heritage with pride, delivering garments that reflect the essence of Made in Italy excellence.


Benedetti Life is globally recognized as a top ethical luxury brand in numerous accolades

Lux life

Best Luxury Vegan Fashion Brand 2021: Winner of Global Vegan Awards in Central Europe by LuxLife London 2022

Positive luxury

The brand achieved the symbol of excellence at the Eluxe Awards in London, along with the Butterfly Award for sustainability, ethics, and luxury. Matea Benedetti received the Positive Luxury Award in 2018.


In 2020, Benedetti Life earned the title of Best Designer by Elle, adding to its distinguished accolades.

benedetti life team

CEO, Art Director, and Founder of Benedetti Life

Matea Benedetti

With over two decades of experience, Matea has emerged as a visionary in sustainable and animal-free luxury fashion. Her innovative designs have earned international acclaim, showcasing a steadfast commitment to ethical practices and eco-conscious materials. From textiles crafted from wood, olives, pineapple leaves, and apple waste, she continually seeks innovative solutions to redefine luxury fashion. As a trailblazer in the field, Matea's achievements include designing a plant-based dress for the "Red Carpet Green Dress," alongside renowned brands. Notably, she dressed Billie Eilish's mother, Maggie May Baird, for the Oscars Red Carpet Green Dress event.

Recognized by Vogue Italia and esteemed industry figures such as Suzy Menkes and Livia Firth, Matea's commitment to a healthier, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly world remains unwavering.

Beyond fashion, Matea is a fervent advocate for sustainability, sharing her message as a motivational speaker and lecturer. From speaking engagements at prestigious events like COP28 in Dubai to a conference at the Vatican, she underscores the importance of a sustainable approach in fashion. Her work sets a new standard for the industry, inspiring positive change worldwide. As Matea aptly puts it,

"In a world where compassion meets creativity, fashion can be both sustainable and stylish."

M.D. Law, MBA

Tina Baznik

Tina collaborates with Benedetti Life, a leading sustainable fashion brand, applying her expertise in intellectual property to further the company's commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. As the owner and CEO of boutique company INNO Legal, Tina specializes in strategic intellectual property management. In addition to her role at INNO Legal, Tina plays a crucial role in fostering business growth by establishing internal innovation processes, growth legal systems, and international business models in EU markets, USA, and China. Her expertise extends to working with corporations and startups, educating companies across various departments, and providing strategic guidance to management boards. As a European Innovation Council coach, Tina is committed to driving positive change and innovation in the business landscape. She also serves as a mentor in numerous communities and is a lecturer at the Faculty for Entrepreneurship in Ljubljana.

"Sustainabilityisn't just about protecting the environment; it's about safeguarding our futureand fostering innovation that benefits both people and the planet." – T.B.

Stylist, Design & Production Consultant

Metod Črešnar

Fashion and costume designer, stylist, and artist, he graduated from the University of Ljubljana and later earned a master's degree at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in London, specializing in women's wear. With extensive experience in freelance designing, consulting, and collaboration with various fashion brands and textile industries, he is recognized for his artistic and pedagogical contributions. As an associate professor of Fashion Design, he shares his expertise in textile and clothing design, nurturing the next generation of creative minds. Over the last few years, he is collaborating with Benedetti Life as a consultant and stylist.

"Creating beauty that sustains our planet is not just a duty; it's a calling.” M.C.

Art Director Assistant

Gaja Zadravec

Gaja, once a student under the guidance of Matea Benedetti, caught her mentor's eye with her exceptional talent at an early stage. Recognizing Gaja's potential, Matea wasted no time in bringing her on board, and today, Gaja serves as Matea's 1st assistant. Gaja is characterized by a potent blend of creativity, curiosity, and intuition, which are complemented by the skills she has honed through her experiences and educational journey. Her passion for sustainability is palpable, evident in her dedication to designing, styling, pattern making, fashion illustrations, and surface development.

As Gaja continues to make her mark in the industry, her journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of passion and perseverance in the pursuit of sustainable and innovative fashion.

"Sustainability isn't just a choice; it's a responsibility to protect the beauty of our world for generations to come. Through creativity and conscious action, we stitch together a future where fashion flourishes in harmony with nature." – G.Z.